FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

A – The best way is to call our toll free number and talk to a sales consultant. We can determine your need and take your credit card info right over the phone. If you prefer you can send your inquiries by email or fax to obtain pricing and delivery info. Once we know what you want to purchase, you can submit your credit card info to us by phone, fax or email. We require the credit card number, the expiration date, the exact spelling of the name on the credit card, and the zip code of the billing address. If using email, we recommend splitting up the info into 2 parts and emailing separately for added security from internet hackers.
A – WireTronic accepts returns for defective or non-conforming materials. No return will be accepted without prior authorization from WireTronic Inc.
A – No, WireTronic does not publish a price list. With a product line consisting of over 20,000 sizes and types of specialty wires, it becomes necessary to quote price on an inquiry by inquiry basis. This is a good thing. Your sales consultant can give you the personal attention you deserve and steer you toward the right wire for the job. We handle inquiries by toll free phone, fax, & email for your convenience.
A – You’re looking at it! Our web site *is* our catalog. Most of our customers prefer to get information electronically & instantaneously, so we have packed this web site with tons of useful data on a wide variety of products. Even more tools and information are available in the WireTronic software available for download on our Home Page. Then there’s the best resource for information of all; a knowledgeable salesperson available on our toll free line during our normal business hours. Give us a call. We’re here to help solve your wire problem!
A – It really depends on the item & stock availability. Some stock items are available with mins as low as $35. Other items may require a factory run & require a larger purchase. Please inquire with your sales consultant for the particular item.
A – No. Actually we sell the wire that goes in these machines but not the machines themselves. Many of our customers fashion their own simple machines using our wire, saving the cost of purchasing a ready built device. Please inquire about our *Sample Kits* which can be purchased at low cost and help you do your own experimenting.
A – No. We stick with wire only (round & flat). There’s enough different types of wire to keep us busy, so rather than spread ourselves too thin, we have chosen to focus on just wire.
A – WireTronic Inc. has no official distributors. We sell all our products direct from our Volcano, CA USA location & ship worldwide.
A – That’s a *good* question. If your question wasn’t answered here, drop us an email so we may consider adding it to our FAQ page.
A – CMF stands for “Circular Mil Foot.” Ohms per CMF is a resistivity constant for each alloy or metal. The value is the number of ohms resistance in a 1 foot sample, 1 mil (.001) dia. of stated material.